In 2017 we decided to create a place in Bratislava where coffee makers will be able to indulge in a selection of coffee, tea lovers the best teas directly from Japan and experimenters will be able to go for a specialty - Sake. But our fingertip remains Matcha - especially finely ground young green tea leaves.​

We only offer select and fair-trade coffee, because we believe it to be the most sustainable way to connect farmers, roasteries and customers.


We connect people who visit our cafe through coffee, Japanese teas and matcha tea, Sake and traditional Japanese dishes.


We believe that the café is not just a place with coffee machines and tables with chairs, but it creates a space where customers can recharge during the day and enjoy a gourmet experience. This is the place we create in Matsu, where we will be happy to see you.



High quality traditional Sake imported directly from Japan from producers with a long tradition.






Our ceremonial Uji Matcha is green tea of ​​perfection






We use and sell coffee from the

local roasters

Triplefive and Goriffee